Excess of masturbation

Posted 02.19.2021

It sometimes becomes confusing to determine what level of masturbation is dangerous. Some people become addicted to masturbation to full-fill their sexual desires or some other reasons. Masturbation is mainly a good form of sexual release. Remember masturbation in excess will reduce your energy and it may effect your sperms quantity and quality.

What are the remedies if somebody has already affected with excessive masturbation

I thought the whole idea of masturbation being a cause of hair loss was ridiculous. When a person desires to masturbate again and again, it is called excessive masturbation.

Causes of excessive masturbation addiction, natural ways to control it

Women still struggle with the right and wrong of it all, but many have embraced it as part of their sexual life.

Does masturbation cause hair loss

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Over masturbation ayurvedic herbal treatment, cure bad effects

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Excessive masturbation

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How to heal damaged penis caused due to excessive hand practice

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Masturbation side effects

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Health tips

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Does masturbating make your penis small
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